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Setting up a shop in a small town like Snohomish was a challenge for sure but our goal was to provide roofing contractor within local people’s range. Not many towns in Washington or Seattle has this sort of roofing or  construction company but we have established ourselves here and many other towns around Washington and Seattle. If you live in Snohomish or around it, make sure to hire us for any roof issues or the replacement of the roof. You can visit our website for further information at jnsconstructioninc.com.

With time, roofs get damaged or get expired, so it is very important that we keep our roof in check. If there is a problem like your ceiling is getting wet, your paint is kind of stained, or you see that there is too much mold or rust then it is time for you to fix your roof. There are roofing construction companies who can help you with that sort of problems. JNS Roofers Snohomish is one of those companies that can replace or repair your roof for a longer time. If you happen to live in Snohomish or around Seattle or Washington, look no further and contact us through our website jnsconstructioninc.com and get the appointment. You can also call us at 425 610 8384.

Your Roof Needs Proper Maintenance- JNS Snohomish Roofing and Construction Inc. Can Offer Satisfactory Service For You!

For any family man, it is frustrating that the roof is damaged. He is surely looking for a construction company who are offering quality work by using the right materials at a reasonable price. Well, lucky for you, We the JNS Roofers Snohomish not only claim to provide quality work but we are certified by National Roofing Contractors Association. If you are building a new house or looking to replace your roof, then call us at 4256108384 or visit our website jnsconstructioninc.com for further information.

When you make an appointment with our company then we will send a team of experts who will examine the roof thoroughly and let you know if it needs to replaced or fixed. The decision is upon you, but we can give you the expert opinion. Even if you want to renovate your roof, there must be some cleaning that you can do to make it last longer. We understand our customer’s concerns and we act accordingly. You will be given the options and advice, but the final decision would be yours. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service. We will use advanced methods to fix your roof by using good quality  material. Given that we are the locals of Snohomish, and see this town develop, we would want to make everything around us better. Book your appointments through our website jnsconstructioninc.com  or email us at jnsroofingandconstruction@gmail.com.

Why Do People Choose JNS Snohomish Roofers and Constructions Inc. ?

People want a company that is reliable and trustworthy because nobody wants to reveal their privacy. Secondly, people want quality work at a fair price, and we assure you that JNS Snohomish Roofers and Constructions Inc. only make an honest living by charging the reasonable price of work done. Our staff work very hard and try to satisfy the customer at all costs. If you are building a new house or looking to replace your roof, then:

Services We Offer at JNS Snohomish Roofing and Construction Inc.


The services we provide are the backbone of our business. At JNS Roofing and Construction Inc. we make sure that our staff is well-experienced and well-trained to handle any complexity. Keeping our customers satisfied is our basic concern. If a person comes forward for any questioning regarding their rood, our staff are knowledgeable enough to answer all of your queries. Our team can analyze the roof and let you know the best approach that is suitable for your home and aligned with your budget. We offer a free of charge consultation for roofs so if you like our proposal, that is good enough, but you have a choice to add your opinion in the matter as well. So, don’t just walk away and make a mutually agreed decision to make the roof as beautiful and reliable as possible. Call us at 425.610.8384 or email us with your questions regarding a specific roofing renovation at jnsroofingandconstruction@gmail.com.


Repair or maintenance is an important concern when you live in an old house. You can fix your roof by asking for repair from our company JNS roofing and Construction Inc. You can also save some money by fixing the preexisted roof instead of replacing it.

Emergency Services

JNS Roofing and Construction Inc. provide emergency services at our all locations including Snohomish. So, when you are having problems with your roof,  our team will handle the situation from there.


Renovations are expensive no matter how much you plan for it. Hiring a company outside your local area could cost you much more so, we suggest you hire us to do your roof renovation and you won’t be disappointed by us.

Residential and Commercial

Our business is not limited to residential projects only as we provide services for residential and commercial buildings in Snohomish. We have other offices around Washington and Seattle as well to meet the needs of people who live far from the city. We make roofs for your homes with different materials. 


Sometimes the replacement of a roof is the only option that can work for you. Email us for roof queries at  and we will replace your roof.

Snohomish Roofing Contractors

JNS Roofing we believe that if a roof is installed right it should last the tests of time. We are so confident that we produce quality work that each of the roofs that we install are backed by a 60 year warranty. That wasn’t a misprint, we meant 60 years! That is over half a century that you and the roof above your head is covered by our services. We here at JNS stand by all of our work and will continue to stand by it for decades to come!


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