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If you live outside of city, does your county have a roof construction company near you? Probably not. Typically, there are issues of moisture within the roof ceiling or damaged/rusted metal roof.If you have been the victim of these problems, then your roof is getting damaged and you need to do something for it because it is not safe.

Living under the expired roof is very risky so, if you live around the area of Sammamish then look no further and contact JNS Sammamish Roofers. Because it is the best roofing construction company in Sammamish. The roof is a very important structure in a house because it provides shelterThis one thing should be enough to describe its importance of proper maintenance. If the roof gets damaged, then you need residential roof maintenance services and JNS Sammamish Roof Repair and Construction Inc. is the company that can accommodate all your roofing problems. People who live in and around Washington or Seattle, they can hire us for our quality service.

Forget About The Mediocre Quality Roofing Companies and Contact the JNS Roof Repair & Construction Inc. For Best Quality Work!

JNS Sammamish Roofers and Constructions Inc. is a roofing company based in Monroe, Washington. Our company is a family business that has been running along for about 30 years now. We can accommodate all of your roofing needs whether it is maintenance, cleaning, Renovating or its replacement. We are certified by the National Roofing Contractors Association that is why we have got well-experienced staff who are equipped to settle your roof problems. You just have to call our number or contact us through our website that is and we will be able to help you with our long list of roofing services.

At first, our expert examine the roof and then let you know their opinion regarding the service you require from JNS Roofing and Construction Inc. we understand our clients and we want to give them the best service with proper quality standards that is why we use advance research methods and quality material to fix or renovate the roof. JNS Sammamish Roof Repair and Construction Inc. is not just any company who operates in the area of Sammamish, but this is a family company that has been here in the past 30 years. The company people are the one who has seen the development of this little lake town into a popular boating destination. So, don’t dwell into any other roofing company’s deal to fix your roof and hire the local company of your area because we understand how your roofs should be fixed.

Your Roof Needs Attention- JNS Sammamish Roofing Contractors and Constructions Inc. can be a reliable solution for you!

Dedicated Staff

It is our prime objective to satisfy our client’s need because we believe in a business where quality services shape the course of business. Also, JNS Roofing and Construction Inc. runs a service-based business where keeping customers and clients happy is the main concern. Our staff is mostly the locals of Sammamish and they are trained well to be professional and helpful while answering the queries that many clients have regarding roof problems.

Our staff explains the approach that is more suitable for your roof repair and reliable in the long run. We fix residential and commercial roofs as per requirement. Sometimes, we work with other contractors as well. before the actual work done on your roof, you can have our team at your house for a consult and a proposal too.

Why do People Choose JNS Sammamish Roof Repair & Construction ?

There are certain things that one look in a company when he or she needs the services. One of the important things that people look for in any service-oriented company is if the company is reliable and trustworthy and we are very proud to say that we are reliable. 
We have got certifications to prove that.  We provide quality craftsmanship and finish work usually in 2 to 4 working days depending on the complexity of work. Our prices are reasonable and affordable for everyone. So, give us the opportunity to work for you and you will be satisfied.

Services We Offer At JNS Sammamish Roof Repair & Construction Inc.

As mentioned earlier in the text, we offer a range of services that are related to roofs. Here, we have listed them in a detail. Have a look:

Residential and Commercial

We provide roofing services for residential and commercial sites in Sammamish, around Washington and Seattle. Our main focus is to make roofs for your homes or commercial sites. Just pick up your phone and  book us for a quick consultation for free.


Decorating your home can be demanding and you would want your roof to match the renovations down the roof. So, don’t waste money on other roof contractors and contact JNS Sammamish Roof Repair and Construction Inc. for fair priced renovation services at your doorstep.


Most of the time when you bought a second-hand house, there is always some work that needs replacement. If your roof has mold or been damaged by rust, then you must replace your expired roof. 


People are not always building new homes and there is a strong chance that your roof can be repaired through our reliable and quality service. You can save money by choosing maintenance over replacement.

Emergency Services

JNS Sammamish Roofing Contractors and Constructions Inc. provide emergency services in Sammamish. So, in case, weather is not good, and you are having any problem with your roof, just call us  and our professional team will sort out the best approach for you in an emergency.

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