Understand The Facts About Roofing Warranties

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The warranty on our roofs reads as follows:

Workmanship Warranty from JNS Construction Inc. JNS Construction Inc. will guarantee all workmanship and craftsmanship on roofs installed by JNS employees for the duration of the roofing shingle applied. The workmanship will be free of defects and leaks caused by workmanship for the length of the shingle installed on the roof by JNS Construction.

Benefits of the workmanship warranty include:

  1. FREE roof inspection for the duration of the warranty.
  2. Damage repair caused by workmanship defects up to $4,000 total.
  3. Warranty is transferable to new home within 10 years of installation date.

Warranty limitations include:

  1. All workmanship on roof must be done by JNS Construction. If any work is done on the roof without supervision of JNS Construction Inc. the warranty becomes null and void.
  2. JNS Construction Inc. must be notified about leak or problem within 24 hours of detection or damages will not be covered.
  3. Warranty does not overlap with manufacturer’s warranty or homeowners insurance and will be enforced only after both coverages have been explored.
  4. Warranty does not cover improper maintenance, severe lack of maintenance, negligence, foot traffic, etc. Warranty also does not cover acts of nature such as severe wind, fire, branches, foreign objects, etc.

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