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JNS Roofing & Construction is primarily a company specializing in Monroe Roofing Contractor, monroe roof repair and Construction. It is also a multidisciplinary team that responds to all your renovation and construction projects. Our estimators, countermeasures, carpenters and roofing companions combine their expertise for results of unmatched quality.

It is the competence of our professionals, anxious, rigorous, transparent and committed – that gives our company the name it continues to earn in Monroe county. Our free submissions, our attentive listening, our vast territory of action and our impeccable achievements add, for a positive experience.

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JNS Roofing & Construction Monroe WA

JNS Roofing & Construction Monroe WA  is a company in the greater United States region. Working in the areas of roofing, as well as in construction and renovation for the last few years, we have carved out a place of choice over the years. We serve the vast territory of Monroe WA. Whether you have a specific idea or want a turnkey project, you will be assured of outstanding service!

Our Monroe roofers in Roof installation monroe, wa  have gained a great deal of experience in asphalt shingle roofing. This success pushed this to perfect in a different installation of roofs especially the flat roof. Thanks to the improvement of its laying methods, the development of new safety procedures and the acquisition of specialized tools, the company offers you the same fast and efficient service for residential or commercial flat roofs in Monroe County.For More Details Call JNS Roofing at (425) 610-8384

How JNS Is Installing The Flat Roof In The Regions Of Monroe WA?

The flat roof has a different sealing material than the conventional pitched roof. Instead of asphalt shingles, a bilayer elastomeric membrane or a monolayer membrane (EPDM or TPO) must be installed. The membranes are sealed together, which changes the laying techniques. The rubber of these bilayer membranes has essential elastic properties for the protection of flat-roofed buildings, whether residential or commercial in Sherbrooke and Magog. With the addition of flat roof repairs to its strengths, Monroe Roofing Contractor opens the door to several commercial buildings. Its roofers who do Roof installation monroe, wa are qualified to proceed with the installation of elastomeric membranes on all types of existing businesses! In addition, the company offers the same services to single-family homes with flat roofs and multi-unit buildings. Call JNS Roofing at (425) 610-8384  And Ask for a free estimate!

How Water And Snow Can Damage Your Roof?

Water and snow can easily pile up on a flat roof and cause significant damage. It is advisable to check the ventilation of the roof to make sure it is optimal. Also, clearing the roof in winter is a good way to prevent the flat roof from becoming weaker. The simplest is to call on a roofing company, such as JNS Roofing & Construction Monroe WA, to inquire or to ask for its roofing service. We serve the Monroe county, and Redmond. For all your needs in terms of repairs, repairs or installation for your residential and commercial roofs, think of our Monroe roofers in JNS Monroe Roofing & Construction ! Be assured, the only marks of the passage of JNS Monroe Roof Repair & Construction at home will be their attention to detail, their professionalism and your satisfaction. Guaranteed

The services provided by the JNS Roofing & Construction Monroe are;


This product is ideal for large flat roofs such as roofs of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. It is durable, durable and low maintenance with a 35 year life. When renovating the roof, several points must be checked, namely the roof support, the underlay and the eave membrane. When in good condition, it is sometimes possible to leave them in place and reinstall the shingle. But it may still be better to refurbish, since we do the roofing for a long time. Some parts are not immune to replacement, such as flashing and drips in addition to plastic that will be coated with glue. Repairs to asphalt shingle roofs require a lot of attention to maintain the insulation of your home. JNS Monroe Roofing Contractor are specialized and certified to check the condition of existing materials and make the best decisions for the durability of your roof.


This type of roof requires a minimum of maintenance since the sheet does not oxidize, does not rot and does not deform. It is an ecological product and has a lifespan of more than 50 years.


The asphalt shingle, ideal for residential roofing, is weather resistant and durable. This product is available in many colors and is suitable for many types of roofs.   

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Don’t settle for failed promises and a roof that won’t last. JNS Roofing and Construction Inc is a business that stands by their word and their roofing work. What are you waiting for? Call JNS Roofing at (425) 610-8384 or email us from our contact page today to take care all of your roofing needs!


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Other Services Provided By JNS Monroe Roof Repair & Construction Company

Roof Covering

When installing a new roof or repairing existing flooring, trust experienced Monroe roofers. When you want to give a youthful look to your roof, make sure that the work will be done by recognized experts. As the choice of covering materials is very wide, your budget and the slope of the roof will be aspects to consider before choosing a roof covering. Currently, on the market, we find several hundreds of recovery products classified into two categories: flat roof and pitched roof. Most homes in Monroe have a sloping roof. If your roof has a low slope, it can be easily covered with asphalt shingles. If it has a steeper slope, the appearance will be more important. Architectural shingles and metal tiles can be an excellent choice.

Monore Roof Repair

Monore roof repair requires skills and know-how that only experts can apply. Trust our professionals! With more than 15 years of experience, your roof repair will be done according to the rules of the art. Our team monore roof repair is qualified to perform the complete renovation or repair of flat roof or low slope. We are specialized in elastomeric membrane roofing, EPDM and TPO. Roof repair requires skills and know-how that only experts can apply. Rely on our professionals for affordable and sustainable roof repairs! Contact us if you are looking for expert Monroe roofers who specialize  in Roof installation Monroe,WA

Roof Snow Removal

To clear your roof, do not wait until it’s too late! We have the equipment and the experience to do this work safely. In Monroe, winter often rhymes with snow accumulation on our roof. In addition, snow, ice and ice can cause a lot of damage. This is why the snow removal services of Constructions Gregor can be very useful! Snow removal from your roof can pose many risks to your safety. So do business with professionals! We have the equipment and the experience to do this work safely. Contact us at JNS Monroe Roof Repair & Construction to get the best roofing services.

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