Our company technically started in the early 2000’s, but our journey started many years before that. We’ve been roofing for many other companies over the last 35+ years. We’ve been trained by all the best professionals in the industry and we’ve seen ups and downs.

There comes a point for everyone where the thought of doing what you’re doing, but doing it for yourself, becomes an appealing idea. Most never take that step however we did. One day we decided to start roofing for ourselves. We thought, and still believe, we can do it better.

We’ve always been in the new construction side of the roofing business. We have always worked with contractors and we’ve installed thousands of perfect roofs in the Puget Sound area. All without a single callback, ever!

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As time has gone on and our roofing family has grown we’ve decided to break into the residential re-roofing market. This isn’t an easy task as all our work previously has come from contractors. So we searched around and hired the top marketing firm for contractors in the area, Ascend Marketing and Consulting located right in Woodinville, WA.

Ascend has taken a number of contractors from surviving to thriving. Now, we’ve always had food on our tables and we’ve been very fortunate to have lots of work and lots of jobs, but again, always new construction.

With Ascend we have a proven plan and a proven business builder on our sides. Our goal is to build our re-roofing department into a thriving business and equal the production of the new construction side of our business.

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Ascend put together a step by step growth plan with training, relationship building, marketing, and everything else we could need.  We have just completed the first stage of our website and pages, blogs, and roofing pictures are being added weekly.  It’s becoming a base for all our online marketing.  One of the really great things about Ascend is that they will help with more than just online marketing as we also need to create flyers, door hangers and all other elements of marketing as well as a plan to use them and make every thing work together.
We’re excited to learn about social media, SEO, video marketing, estimating systems, Google Maps and more.  They even process credit cards, and have set us up to take financing from new home owners who choose to finance a new roof!  We are really excited about the possibilities!

We have never had a logo as it wasn’t ever necessary because general contractors use us strictly based off reputation.  Now the challenge is to show the residential roofing side of the world that reputation of hard work, honesty and of course quality!

We’ve only just started down this journey and can’t wait to see where it takes us