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JNS Roofing and construction is a team of professionals at your disposal, specialized in the renovation and maintenance of your roof in the Duvall department. We are at your disposal for all your work in new or renovation and for the  maintenance of your cover. We intervene for the installation of frames, tiles and roof windows. We take care of the  defoaming  and the treatment of roofs.

The roof is an essential part of the house that helps protect you from the elements. With our quality service and performance equipment we use to dare your tiles, slates, or zinc roofing, you can live comfortably in your home.  Adopt an original architectural style, thanks to our different types of cover, with long-lasting hold and at attractive rates. With roofing work in new and renovation, we also intervene for leak roof repairor repairs of your tiles, slates or zinc plating.

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How The Good Roof Should Be?

A good roof covering is essential to be well protected from all-weather such as rain, snow or wind. It must therefore be solid, thus ensuring its tightness. It is important to choose your roof protection. There is a multitude of roof covers, for all tastes and budgets. Satory Roof can lay terracotta, concrete and slate tiles. You can also opt for galvanized corrugated sheets, wood shingles or bituminous coatings. 

The most common use is the terracotta tile. Satory Roofing mainly uses terracotta tiles, slate and fiber cement tile. Economical and resistant, it is still necessary to maintain them to prevent infiltration, for example. It is therefore necessary to apply a water-repellent productor a resin plasticized to facilitate the flow of rainwater. This technique makes it possible to waterproof the roof while promoting its drying in order to avoid the worries of condensation. However, before you start your roofing work, call the architectural or urban planning services of your town hall because there are restrictions related to your choice of coverage depending on your place of residence. Indeed, it is possible that a project is rejected simply because of the color chosen or, more rarely, the material that must be up to standards and therefore, taken into account by your insurance.

JNS Roofing Duvall Company At Duvall WA

Need to clean your roof? We JNS Duvall propose the defoaming of it to give it a second youth! For this action, we scratch the roof by hand in a traditional way and then we apply a water-repellent product to protect from moisture. A wide choice of material is proposed such as slate, tile and mechanical tile. We also perform roofing work on the roofs of industrial buildings, standing seam roofs which is a specificity of modern houses with rounded roofs.

JNS Duvall act as a craft company, most of our employees are graduates of the Professional Roofing Certificate. We offer a single contact for new work or renovation for professionals and individuals. We carry out all activities of insulation and roofs with metallic elements for the evacuation of water and the water tightness. To do this, we use steel, copper or PVC. We repair and install the gutters in accordance with the standards of water evacuation, mandatory slope and installation of gutter births. Also, we install roof windows and cladding. In short, you can appeal to our professionals at JNS roofing Duvall for all types of roofs! The company Toit Service remains at your disposal for a quote or for additional information on roofing work in the department of Duvall (Washington). Come meet us, we will be happy to realize your project. 

How JNS Duvall is operating?

It has been almost 25 years since the company JNS Roofing Duvall  and construction puts its experience at the service of its customers as part of a range of renovation and construction related to the roof. Renovation of roof, insulation of a building (roofs and walls), carpentry. The company is also specialized in the renovation of buildings and wood frame transformations. The professional teams of JNS roofing work with all types of coatings: tiles, natural and artificial slates, zinc and asphaltic platform. To appeal to JNS is to benefit from a quality service thanks to an experienced team and adapted construction equipment. Located in Duvall, the company operates throughout Duvall. By trusting JNS Duvall roofers, you make the right choice because in addition to guaranteeing you a service and a quality work, the company has several important assets during a construction site:

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JNS roofing location “Duvall WA”

JNS Duvall roofers contractors carefully selects its roofing materials in order to propose a sustainable roof development. By renovating the roof, it is also useful to take advantage of this operation to check the quality of the roof insulation. Note that the roof insulation can be installed from the outside, which avoids an invasive worksite from the inside.

The Work In The Rules Of The Art

When a team of JNS Duvall roofing company installs a building site, it is not to come to work the following month. Once the hardware is installed, work will begin and the time will be respected. Every day, the site will be cleaned and put back in order to respect your home.



Anxious to offer quality work that meets the client’s expectations, JNS Duvall roofing Company is a member of the Confederation of Construction. Through these different institutions, it can continue to train her staff and monitor innovations in the marketplace. Contact us to get the installed in the location of Duvall (Washington). The representatives of JNS roofing and construction Duvall are always available to answer the query.

Listening to the customer 

The job well done firstly by listening to the customer but also by the respect of his desires. JNS Duvall roofing company puts the customer at the center of his concerns and takes into account his wishes.


The company JNS Duvall Roofers  works with a constant concern for safety. That of his teams but also yours. Each construction site is installed with care to ensure everyone’s safety. 

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