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For the best choice in Woodinville Roofing think JNS Roofing.  The premier contractor of the Northwest!


Aren’t you tired of paying for services that aren’t up to your standards? We at JNS Woodinville roof repair promise to be the perfect remedy to that problem. We are by far the best Woodinville roofing contractor around. Here at JNS we understand that nothing is more important than knowledge and reliability when it comes to your roof, luckily for you we are certified by the National Roofing Contractors Association and have been working in the roofing industry for over 30 years!  We offer a wide variety of services that include everything from repairs to a complete roofing renovation. We understand that citizens of Woodinville would rather be spending their time tasting wines and spirits at the local wineries and breweries rather than dealing with roofing problems, that is why we provide quality roofing services for everyone in the area!


At JNS we go far beyond offering superior Woodinville roof repair service, what really sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we genuinely care about each and every person of the Woodinville community that we do business with. We have been able to witness Woodinville turn from empty patches of farmland into one of the largest wine capitols of the United States that offers amazing tourism and fun the whole family can enjoy. If we have learned one thing throughout those 30 years in the Woodinville roofing contractors business, it is that the only thing that makes our customers happier than our amazing woodinville roofer services is our great customer service.

Cut through the rhetoric, who is the top choice to be your Woodinville Roofer?

Business for the community

When you call JNS Roofing know that the person on the other end of the phone is a member of the Woodinville community just like you. That is why when you support JNS woodinville roofer you are strengthening the Woodinville roofers community and a local business from your hometown! From Molbak’s to a reliable roof over your head we share the same views and interests as the other members our community and you can see it in our service.

Expert Certified Roofers

Each one of our employees is trained and certified to work on roofing all over the State of Washington. Our staff consists of top of the line roofers that specialize in providing the absolute best services to all of our customers if you are looking for Woodinville roof repair or planing to make a new roof JNS Woodinville roofing contractors is the best choice. All of JNS’ roofers are extremely knowledgeable, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your Woodinville roof repair. From repairs to shingling, they have put in countless hours training to make sure your roof is done right.

Customer Satisfaction

At JNS Roofing we believe that nothing is more important than the customer. That is why we do our best to communicate honest expectations to all of our customers and listen to all of their suggestions and preferences so that we can always be on the same page when it comes to work on their roofs. We’ve been working on roofs for a long time and our reputation speaks for itself. Don’t believe us? Read some of our amazing testimonies or check out our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau! No matter what the job is, you can rest assured JNS Roofing is the right Woodinville roofing contractor for the job!

Honest Business Practices

Woodinville is a town that deserves a better kind of business.  At JNS Roofing we understand that roofing work is already an expensive construction job before being lied to. That is why we take our services and honest reputation very seriously and always do our best to get quality work done in the least amount of time possible.  Other roofing services will try to trick you into buying projects that you don’t need or take forever to get the job done, we pride ourselves in our brutal honesty and won’t charge you a penny for anything that wasn’t absolutely needed or time that wasn’t spent working on your roof. Come see how a better business operates at JNS Roofing and Construction Inc.

Quality and Craftsmanship

JNS Roofing prides itself on providing roofs than can withstand the worst of mother nature’s conditions.  We are dedicated to solving all of your roofing problems such as leaks, re-shingling, remodels, and any other project that your roof may need. That’s because here at JNS Roofing our employees strive to produce the best work possible everyday. Each member of our staff is nationally certified and trained for a variety of roofing work so you can be sure that the person working on your roof is up to date on all of the latest techniques and protocols that are required by the National Roofing Contractors Association. However our work is anything but standard, we go above and beyond with our services. This is because we owe it to our customers and ourselves to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship. We at JNS Roofing and Construction Inc. believe that every family deserves a roof over their head and we aim to provide them with one.

At JNS Roofing we offer roofing and contracting services that meet a range of different roofing needs one may require. Everything from minor roofing repairs to shingling a sturdy roof for a newly built house, JNS Roofing has you covered. We love to take on projects of all sizes and specialties so call today and get a free quote!