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Jose Jaramillo


Jose Jaramillo Originally from Michoacán, Mexico Jose moved to California in 1985 and later to Washington State with a desire to work for his new family. Jose Jaramillo started off working in the construction industry building high-end cabinets and he became a very skilled finish carpenter.

Later Jose Jaramillo began working in the roofing field and loved it so he started his own roofing company in 2010. The company has been growing ever since. He has a strong sense of family and the run the company together as a team.

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Carlos Jaramillo


Carlos was also born in Mexico, sitting in the middle of 12 siblings. He came to the US in 2003 with his older brother Miguel. He loves the climate and personality of the Seattle area. He happily lives in Marysville with his wife and 3 children.

Carlos manages all things related to jobsite productivity and efficiency. His happy and friendly demeanor is perfect for customer interaction and many rave about his ability to manage with a positive attitude. He is a valuable asset to our roofing team and he looks to be here for a long time.

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Miguel Jaramillo

Project Manager

Also born in Mexico Miguel worked construction as a flooring expert before becoming the skilled roofer he is today. He began working alongside Jose in early 2003 as a roof installer. Step by step they two brothers became proficient in all things related to repairs and installation.

As the company grew Miguel took over the jobsites while Jose began to work management. Today Miguel runs and manages the crews as well as the day to day installation process. You’ll find him running a tight ship on the jobsites.

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Brian Jaramillo

Roof Consultant

Born in Orange County Brian grew up watching his dad work with his hands and always wanted to follow in his footsteps. The family moved to Mill Creek in 1999 and has been in the area ever since. Brian has worked side by side with his father since he can remember; going from jobsite to jobsite.

Brian’s dad, Jose, had the opportunity to teach him the finer points of the industry. Now Brian’s roll in the company has expanded to sales, consulting and job management. He hopes to take over the company someday.

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About JNS Construction, About
About JNS Construction, About
About JNS Construction, About
About JNS Construction, About